Frequently Asked Questions


What is guudies?

Guudies is the central marketplace for physical products related to NFT.

At guudies you will find a wide range of different artists who provide their pre-made products and designs in their own guudie stores.
You can have your own favourite NFT designed on top of the ready-made products. Through an automated authentication you confirm the ownership of the NFT and the artist can start with his work.

So you can wear your DeGod on a jacket or use it as a ring on your finger.

What is the goal/purpose of the guudies platform/marketplace?

Guudies is intended to be a one-stop shop for all artists, projects and visitors seeking or offering physical products.

Besides the traditional selling of products, NFT holders and artists can join forces through our marketplace to negotiate their own collaborations. via IP License Designs.
Through a sophisticated level system, sellers and buyers are integrated into the project and can unlock many benefits.

What is the added value of guudies?

We have worked out different sources of income.You will find more information in our whitepaper.

When and where can I buy guudies?

You can become a proud holder of a Guudie NFT by participating in our limited pre-mint or through the official Mint. You can find more detailed information in our whitepaper.


What exactly can you buy on the marketplace?

In our marketplace, you can have your favourite NFT designed on a real product or you choose one of the already completed products.

In addition to merch from large projects, there are also individual store operators in the marketplace. These offer their prefabricated products in different designs.

You would like to have your BoredApe or DeGod on a jacket, on sneakers or as a carpet on the floor, in a very individual style? Just look for a suitable store on the marketplace. 

Different cryptocurrencies and selected tokens are available to you for payment.

How is the marketplace structured?

The marketplace will have a clear landing page. Here you will find the spotlight and the different genres, as well as the login functions and other important information about the guudie marketplace.

How can I order something from the marketplace?

Let’s say you would like to buy new sneakers, which should be designed in the design of your favourite NFT. For this you visit our marketplace and look at the stores in the genre “Sneakers”.

Once you have found a suitable artist, you can enter his store with just one click and place your order. You can look at the sample sneakers and also express your own wishes when ordering.

You complete the order, enter your shipping information and can pay with the offered cryptocurrencies or tokens.

The artist now gets to work and creates the sneakers with your favourite NFT or sends you one of the already completed products.

Can I have my product shipped anywhere?

Each seller can individually set his shipping regions. We have no influence on the respective regions.

Closed Beta

What exactly is the closed beta?

With the closed beta we want to give you an overview of the upcoming marketplace. 

When is the closed beta planned?

First Alpha:
21.11.22 – 27.11.22

Second Alpha: 


Why should I sell (my work) on guudies?

We offer you a central and transparent marketplace. Our customers come specifically to the platform to find sellers and artists from the NFT area. With our modular system you can easily and quickly create your own store and benefit from many advantages.

How exactly does an order work?

You can of course offer your pre-made products as long as they are related to an NFT project and you have the IP license to use these graphics.

But let’s say a customer would like to buy new sneakers, which should be designed in the design of his favorite NFT and you are a custom sneaker seller.

For this, he visits our marketplace and look at the stores in the genre “Sneakers”.
Once he has found you as a suitable artist, he can enter your store with just one click and place his order. He will look at your sample sneakers and also express his own wishes when ordering. So that you can start with the work he needs to add his favorite NFT, as a template for you, to the order (the NFT remains in his wallet).

The NFT will automatically authenticate, so that you are on the safe side, that this NFT belongs to the customer and it is not listed on a marketplace. He completes the order, enter his shipping information and can pay with the offered cryptocurrencies or tokens (You choose them).
Now you start to work and creates the sneakers with his favorite NFT.

Can I determine which regions I want to ship to?

Yes, you are completely free to choose your shipping regions. Customers can see directly from your store if you ship to their region.

What are the steps I need to follow to sell on guudies?

Fill out the ‘seller apply’ and/or jump on our Discord and open a ticket.


Who are the team members?

We have a total of 6 team members, the number varies, depending on the status of the project.

Where does your team come from?

We are mainly all from Germany and are scattered there in all directions. A large part knows each other for 10+ years.

Fun fact: We love to play “Gang Beasts” against each other. There are a few more in our group who support the core team from time to time.

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